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Welcome to Marlboro players.


Marlboro Players was formed in 1975 mainly through the efforts of Sharon Mack who was a theatrical director and lived in town. She approached the then mayor, Arthur Goldzweig, who thought it was a terrific idea, and the company was born as part of the recreation department. It held its first meetings and auditions in what is now the Marlboro Post Office. Its first production was Woody Allen's' comedy "Don't Drink The Water" and premiered in the Spring of 1976. The company found that it could be more viable being independent of the township and incorporated and became the Marlboro Acting Company and then Marlboro Players when it became a nonprofit organization. Some of the original members who helped shape the company are still taking part in its productions. Its membership has grown from just a handful to over a hundred and today is one of the most vibrant and active community theaters in the entire state. It has helped foster the careers of many professional actors, directors, producers and designers. . 




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